The easy way to import motorcycles

doublertrading - Import motorcyclesAs a motorcycle wholesaler I am always looking for the best way to import motorcycles. This might seem easy, especially considering I have a lot of years of experience, but it is a lot harder than it looks. Through my years of experience I have also learned that there are always new companies being introduced on the market that deliver an even better service than the companies you have worked with before. This is why I always keep my eyes open to new possibilities. I do not only do this for myself and my own company, but also for my costumers. They deserve it to get the best possible service and I can only give that to them if I work together with the best companies that make it possible to import motorcycles from the best brands. A while ago I discovered Double R Trading. A Dutch company that is based in Amsterdam that make it a lot easier to import motorcycles. They sell bikes from brands like

  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha

The people that buy motorcycles in my shop have very high standards for the motorbikes they want to have. So it is important for me to import motorcycles that live up to their wishes. That is why I was so happy to discover a company like Double R Trading. And it is not only that they can provide me with the best bikes possible, their service is very good and that is one of the reasons it will be hard for other companies to get my attention. The people that work for Double R Trading will do anything to make sure I can import motorcycles that I need for my clients.

A good choice to import motorcycles

The reason I import motorcycles is because this is the best way to get the motorcycles of the brands that I am looking for. There are very little companies in my own country that deliver the service and motorcycles that I am looking for. Next to that, Double R Trading goes a long way to make sure that the motorcycles that I order come to me in the best state possible. Through my years of experience I have learned that not all motorcycle companies deliver their bikes in a good securing crate. Double R Trading make their own crates to be able to ship those bikes to wholesalers and shops. They do not only sell whole motorcycles, but is also possible to order parts on their website. If you are the owner of a motorcycle shop or wholesale, this is definitely a company you want to have a look at. Even if you do not want to import motorcycles right at this moment, it is very useful to keep it in mind for the future. You never know what might come along.

Import motorcycles for your costumers

If there is one thing you do not want as an owner of a motorcycle shop or wholesale it is to disappoint your clients. The other day I had a client that was looking for a very special motorbike. I was not entirely sure if it was even possible to order this bike anymore, but I told him I would do my best to order it for him. Of course I thought immediately to import motorcycles. It is the best way to get a bike that is hard to find in your own country. I contacted Double R Trading to see what they could do for me. Within a day they found the right bike for me!

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